How To Capture Precious Moments While Traveling

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Fujifilm Canada. All opinions are my own.


New York is a city that I hate to love and love to hate. I visit it at least once or twice a year to visit the MET fashion exhibition and think about life. In the same city, we can see the high and low of a society. There are people who carry 50 thousands dollars Birkin, in the next block you can find someone begging money for the next meal. It makes you think. This city is so beautiful with all its flaw. Every day I meet new friends who inspire me to be a better person. Every corner there are  stories that are waited to be told. Those moments are easily forgotten and fade away as we go back to our regular life. Part of travel is enjoying and create moments, the other part is capturing them and preserve them forever.


This year, my sister and I visited NYC at the end of Victoria day and beginning of Memorial Day weekend to visit museums and catch up with friends. It was perfect that my new Instax SQUARE SQ6 from Fujifilm came in a few days before the trip. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am obssessed with Instax camera and printer. They are always part of my travel carry-on. For someone who has been travelling very light, with only a carry-on, for all her international flights for the past 4 years, I always bring a huge amount of film with me on every trip. So of course I brought both my brand new Instax SQUARE SQ6 and Instax SHARE SP-2 with me on this trip.

We visited countless museums from the David Bowie Exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, to the MET fashion Exhibition to Dream Machine. We walked 20 km a day around the Big Apple. Every corner there was a surprise. I am falling in love with the architecture of this city.  The problem with digital photo is that we have a countless amount of shots. A lot of time we would take hundreds of photo  and forget about them until the day something crashes and they are gone forever. Instax SQUARE SQ6 was perfect to capture the moment in real time and have a hard copy in the beautiful square format. My mother loves collecting all our Instax and put them in her little albums. With digital photos, we rarely print them out anymore. This puts the smile on her face. Once in a while when we are away on business trip, she would check them out.

We met old friends and strangers. People come from everywhere to New York. They have so many stories to share. I remember drinking wine in West Village with a total stranger and chatted about life. Those moments don’t always happen. The Instax SQUARE SQ6  has a preview mirror for selfie which is amazing to take a photo with our old and new friends. The square format makes it easier to fit a bigger group in the frame.

Every trip has to come to an end. It is hard to say good bye to a beautiful city like New York. But at least I can take home some of those moments.

Here is how happy my sister was when I took her to the  David Bowie exhibition.

Here is the wonderful brunch place in Williamsburg we found while running away from the rain.

Here is the New York take out lunch in middle of Bryant Park.

Here is the moment went I accidentally took a photo and it surprisedly turned out decent.

Here are many more precious moments I have captured and will capture.

Cannot wait until the next trip.


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